Sealed Bag Services

On-Site Document Shredding

Our vehicle, with an industrial shredder and generator built in, will come to your premises and shred papers etc., whilst there, under the control and sight of your staff. It will shred not only papers, but diskettes, plastic cards etc.

The shredded materials are removed as part of the service and paper is taken to be recycled. Throughput varies, dependent upon the type of materials, from about 75kgs to 150kgs per hour.

To put this into perspective this is about ten times the throughput of a good office shredder and, as our staff do not have the normal interruptions of the office, the work is usually cleared in less than 10% of the time. The disposal problem is also solved.

The charges are at an hourly rate and charged to completed quarter hours, subject only to a minimum charge of one hour. Charges only apply whilst the vehicle is at your premises; there are no travelling charges. The service is available at a time to suit you.

Sealed Bag Service

We also provide the service of removing bags of confidential materials for shredding at our premises, where the On-Site Shredding Service is not practical. We prove large, strong, woven polypropylene sacks which will hold about twice as much as a bin liner, up to 20kgs.

There is no charge for the supply of the bags & we only charge for the ones filled, so you can have some extra ones “just in case” & return any unused ones when the filled ones are collected.

Certificate of Secure Destruction

A Signed Certificate of Secure Destruction is provided with both services. This is sent to you after the documents have been destroyed. We will not invoice you until after the work has been completed.


Once all the documents are thoroughly shredded we bale the paper into half tonne bales that are then delivered directly to a local papermill to be recycled.